Change EP

by Jay Chu

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“The only thing constant in life is change.” This is the essence of Change EP, a compilation of 5 songs collected from the last 8 years of my life. These songs are meant to be listened to in album order and represent a natural progression from forlorn disillusionment to hopeful optimism; from feeling lost and hating the world to believing that love and goodness exist. Although the songs are an expression of my own experiences (particularly those that led me to the west coast), I hope that whoever listens is inspired to embrace change, learning to both anticipate and create positive change in his or her life.

Please don't hesitate to download this album for free - the ultimate reward for me is to have all of you enjoy the music that I love writing and playing.

Much love,

Jay Chu


released June 22, 2014

All songs written by Jay Chu. Produced by Alex Wong. Arranged by Alex Wong and Jay Chu. Recorded and Mixed by Alex Wong at Cocoon Studios in Venice Beach, CA. Album mastered by Eddie Jackson.

Performances by:

Dead End
Jay Chu – Vocals, Piano, Violin
Alex Wong – Percussion, Synths, Electric Guitar

Tomorrow Is Too Late
Jay Chu – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Violin
Alex Wong – Percussion, Electric Guitar, Synths
Phil Galitzine – Electric Bass

Changing Song
Jay Chu – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Jay Chu – Vocals, Piano, Electric Guitar
Alex Wong – Percussion, Electric Guitar, Synths
Phil Galitzine – Electric Bass

Jay Chu – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Violin
Alex Wong – Percussion, Harmonium, Synths

Photos by Matt Tundermann
Artwork by Pol Sena


all rights reserved



Jay Chu San Diego, California

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Track Name: Dead End
I said to myself today
“I woke up in the same way
That I did yesterday”
Said I’m just filling in the spaces
Breathing air within the mazes
That have mapped out my life

Dead ends are signs of defeat
Morbid outlooks, lonesome scenes
Seven years ago, is this where I thought I would be
The crossroads of ends that never meet


I don’t mind missing my own reflection
‘cause I don’t like seeing my imperfections
But if looks are skin deep
Then the scars that cover me aren’t what they seem

I am feeling short on reason
Worn down with each season
As I’ve grown numb to time
Well I’ve heard patience is a virtue
But not if I don’t try to
Leave all I know behind
Track Name: Tomorrow Is Too Late
I’m staring at the ceiling
Chasing down a usual lazy afternoon
Just wondering what I have to do

Thoughts hang heavy on my mind
Reminders of an impending doom
And me, a soul tied down too soon

‘Cause life moves too fast and
I feel as though
My legs are too slow

Go with the flow I used to say
You can always find yourself a new day
But what do I do
If tomorrow is too late?

Another day has gone past
The ship has set sail and I’m tied to the mast
Freedom’s fallen out of grasp

Time is never on my side
It seems I barely have a choice to make
Within the course that I’ll soon take

All of my life, I’ve been living inside
This closed shell of mine
So now I’m dying to try
Something new
Track Name: Changing Song
Flower, I’m going to move on
There’s a canopy inside me that’s covering my heart
Please don’t think wrongly of me
For feeling as though the color of your petals have faded into dark
There’s only time to blame
Funny how we feel the same
Though everything has changed, yeah everything changed

Leave the curbside pleasantries aside
For I waited through the night alone
And now I’m left with nothing to hide
I opened up my soul to you and I
Found it fitting for this drive away
That I should say, “This time is the last goodbye”

Though the sun itself has turned
It seems easier to learn the path that leads away from here
With the shadows fading fast
Another day will come to greet us and take away our fears
This darkest year will pass
Misery will never last
And we will part our ways to find us better days
Track Name: Desire
I couldn’t quite place it
The feeling that these faces
Held more than just a pair of pretty eyes
The irony’s inside
A room where men can try to hide
Their empty hearts and ease their troubled minds
Little do they know
That they’re not really far from home
And they’ll just leave here feeling more alone
Much to my surprise
I did not think that I could find
The kindness of a stranger in this night

Desire, she said to me tonight
“Don’t give up without a fight
No one else can tell you what is right”
She said “I wish that I could tell you
All the things that I have been through
But you wouldn’t understand”

She sat down right next to me
Asked me how I was feeling
I said I wasn’t feeling right at all
But after a few songs
Some conversation won’t seem wrong
Let’s talk about how we both don’t belong
In this crazy world
We try so hard to follow rules
We go to school yet we still feel like fools
Many seem to find
That life is never kind enough
To give us purpose with some peace of mind

And so she rose up slowly
Said that she was going
I slipped some twenties to her waiting hand
It's clear she did not know
That she had touched me long ago
In ways she didn't think I'd understand
Track Name: Hope
I see day when you see night
Though your face is out of sight
I feel your arms around me here

Don’t you worry, don’t you fret
The sun’s still there after it’s set
Just close your eyes and I’ll appear

So darling don’t give up
We’ll make it through
Let’s show the world how love
Can keep us true
Don’t say goodbye just yet
Say “See you soon”
I sing to you this song of hope
One day this song will guide you home

Have no pity, have no fear
Have my heart to hold your tears
I know that life could seem so hard

But just look up and you will see
The same sky looking down on me
And you will find I’m not so far

And we will find a way
To move along with change
Because that’s what we do
We are the answers to the questions that linger
Our impressions are worthy of memory
We need to believe our love will never stop
We’ve got what it takes

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